Raf Simons @ Christian Dior

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images via showstudio

Seeing such a Raf Simons style within a Dior collection brings a wearable simplistic elegance to the French woman.



The Eye Has To Travel

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Caught this documentary on Friday night. Absolutely brilliant! Such an inspiring icon.

An Intellectual Fashion

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Fashion and elegance are somewhat similar to “chic”: you have it, or you don’t. It’s very difficult to learn how to have it, but you can learn how to avoid mistakes. Elegance is quite close to “chic”: first of all, it is all about heart and spirit. Fashion comes next. And in my case, all of that comes from my father. He taught me how to understand the spirit of elegance, and not the materiality of it.”

Carine Roitfeld for Another Magazine

Herbie Hancock, Rockit

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This is simply amazing. Mad skills all around?

The Tin Man Series

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The Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz seems to have been awarded a heart for fashion.  And the menswear fashion weeks, a heart for automatic updates to its fans.   I’ve been on a massive life swap/change, so keeping up with the Menswear weeks hasn’t been really accessible.  However, the excitement has been more than vibrant on my instagram, rather than on style.com or the GQ (websites).   This excitement is reflected on my twitter, by the way.

Above are all snap shots via my iphone of the instagram images from Burberry, Mr Porter, and BOF.  The images are instant and self explanatory within local time of the event.  Its simply Brilliant!  With London kicking off the menswear week in a massive social/tech manner, the menswear market grows.  Even Pinterest was mensweared out! Sorry ladies, the men are moving in.

The Tin Man could have pulled off the coloured metallics too and if you think about it, being a Tin Man is a modern different man with some steampunk ideas behind him. Glad you got your heart Mr Tin Man!

Porky Hefer

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Came across this at work on Friday.  Interesting point of view and very spot on, I thought.



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At moments of restriction, fantasy alone can lift people above dreariness. Fantasy is a flower that does not flourish on passivity.

Elsa Schiaparelli