Lunchtime Lady Comfort, Mens Perfect Pickup Spot

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Cupcakes; tasty, cute, and sold in even cuter places.  On my lunch break, after picking up my much-needed coffee, I passed by the office favourite Hummingbird Bakery.  I ended up walking in to buy a comfort cupcake to get me through the day.  Also much-needed.

As I queued up and as I looked around the whole place it was busy with office ladies.  As it is situated in Soho, you see loads of people out having a quick smoke.  Anyway, I got to thinking Hummingbird can be the best pick up place for guys.  Office ladies getting a comfort cake and maybe a compliment too.  Cupcakes are like ice cream, they bring happiness.  Boys I doubt you would get shut down in this case.  As long as it’s not a lame pick up line.  Your on your own after that.

Cupcake bakeries could be the next best thing for dating.  Maybe it was the layout of the place and its decor.   Only a thought of course.


London Outdoors

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Guy Gerber, Half Baked

half baked

Guy Gerber, Half Baked


follyforaflyover bar


follyforaflyover cinema/gig (featuring Peggy Sue)

English summer isn’t ideally the best summer anyone wants to be stuck in.  But what London does have to offer despite its wet weather is the outdoor activities.

Everyone grows out of the scene’s they use to once love.  I particularly use to love my walk home at 4/5ish in the morning when the sun was coming up in the summer after a party.  I now get tired after midnight and not to mention hungry.

But re-visiting some of the sunday day parties in-car lots reminds me why I love London in the summer time.

Also currently on is Follyforaflyover in Hackney Wick.  Boats, gig, film, and drinks all by the canal and under the A12.

London, you are a charmer.

(Images are poor, Sorry!)

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