Royal Oak 40 Years, New York

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Not only were the watches extraordinary and unique, but the event itself was incredible!  The display cases, the venue (Park Avenue Armory), the music (The Irrepressibles & Claude Nobs), and simply the presentation of everything was visually stunning! Swanky event, yes, but with a cool edge.  The showcase to celebrate the 40 years will be traveling among some of the top cities. Definitely a menswear event not to miss. The link with details follows:



The Book of Bunny Suicides

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Love this image/book

Nicolas Pol

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On the Vogue note, a few weeks ago I also attended the reception held by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld for artist Nicolas Pol.  It was an exhibition in a highly elegant location that filled its walls with graffiti like paintings.  My favourite one was definitely the second image.

In a city such as New York, that is covered with graffiti from corner to corner, I find it interesting to observe a painting very much inspired off a grunge like art and within such a refined setting.


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I was lucky enough to attend a special Vogue presentation by Ivan Shaw today at work.  It’s always so inspiring to learn more and more about the history and the extraordinary talent that has filled the vivid pages of what is known as the “fashion bible”.   120 years of magic!



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A couple of years ago, I decided to make my tattoo a reality.  Despite knowing I would be disowned by my mum, which nearly became a reality when I was brave enough to inform her.

At the time I was a menswear intern and one of the guys suggested where to get my ink done.  Since then, I came across Sang Bleu.  To be exact it was when I  was avoiding biting my nails as a nervous wreck thinking if it would hurt.  FYI, it didn’t.

I found this video a few days ago and I think he expresses exactly what I think about tattoos and the reason why I daily follow the blogs and tweets of his.  So much inspiration can come of a tattoo or topics that may have a fashion around them.  I admit not everyones tattoos are amazing and even I think, what were you thinking when you got that done?

Growing up, I always heard the “bad” connotations of tattoos, but I never agreed with them.  I found that some were simply a beauty in a way that was unexplainable.

Inspiration and an Art through self expression.

J Smith Esquire

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When someone wears a hat, it always seems to give that person a bit more of personality.  You can wear an edgy outfit, but if you add a hat, a different person arises.  I had the pleasure to attend the J Smith Esquire exhibition as part of London Fashion Week at The Royal HorseGuards Hotel last night.  I have been a fan of his work for about two years now, so at the sight of a free ticket to see it at first hand, I jumped on it.  Despite the fact I desperately wanted to stay in, but who can say no to those sort of things.

I think making clothes is an art, Menswear is a very special one, but the art of millinery is unique.  A mind can wonder off when making something of that sort.  As my colleague and I floated around the hotel admiring the work, we both thought, “where could you wear them?”  Its all so theatrical and playful once you see them on a person.  Maybe thats why I admire them even more, a small piece creates a whole other play.

The Original Stencil Street Artist

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Learned about Blek last night while watching Graffiti Wars on Channel 4 Iplayer. Graffiti artist and their points of view and unwritten codes of conduct have my respects.

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