Trans-man-tation & Mansome

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Three years ago I created Wally, a personality which represented a man who was part of the upcoming menswear market.  I discovered Wally through my Trans-man-tation study, (Trans-Man-Tation : Study of the transformation within male shopping in fashion).  At the end of my research my tutor thought I created a man I would take a fancy for, however mansome brings my trans-man-tation and Wally himself to life.

You can find my Where’s Wally book via the link below.  Ill scan some bits up from this project and post.

Ideally, I would date this man.


Carine Roitfeld

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“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”

Very True!

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Ivanka Trump

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“When times are tough, people dress up; when things are good, they start dressing down—there’s a psychological connection with appearance when you’re working on things that are important to you.”

Carhartt E1 Opening

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I’ve become a fan of this brand recently and its yet another brand expanding to the ever so trendy E1.
Groov beats to the video!

Q&A Gildo Zegna

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Q&A Gildo Zegna

Some very insightful opinions touched in this interview.  Many brands who went back to basics, had innovative ideas, and reached to their consumers have been the successful ones in the industry.

Click on the link to view the interview with Gildo Zegna

Karl Lagerfield & Net-a-Porter

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Clothes hanging on what back in the day use to be 4-ways, is definitely a thing of the past.   A week ago today Karl Lagerfield launched one of his most awaited collections in one of the most innovative digital forms. With the use of Ipads, consumers were able to interact digitally with the brand and the clothing.  The Karl fanatics walked through the shop, which consisted of a black and white space (Karl chic of course) with two large like canvases on the walls featuring the available collection.

As the consumer held his/her Ipad or Iphone using the Karl app, the screen would recognize what the model wore in the image.  The price and details were then seen on the screen and the consumer was directed to shop now via the net-a-porter website.  The excitement however did not stop there, but continued for the fortunate ones who won pieces from the collection.

Luckily enough I was able to participate behind the scenes in this event.  After engaging with a few of the Karl fans, I found the exciting new shopping concept was not only admired by the young consumers, but by the older consumers as well.  When it comes to digital launches or shopping experiences, a majority of brands tend to worry about the general response of the older consumer market.   I believe the success of this was due to the engagement digitally through social media and the fact it was an event with the actual team of Net-A-Porter.

The unique launch was shared across the globe at the same time in top fashion forward cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Sydney, and New York.  Karl Lagerfield and Net-A-Porter as usual lead not only in fashion, but also with their innovative and captivating ways.

Clothes need to be hung in our wardrobes were we can value the quality of our taste and show proof to our accountants where are money really has gone.

Bespoking Trend

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Owning your own design through guidance of a chief luxury designer can equal one of the most unique products purchased for every consumer.   About three years ago my infatuation with menswear was born through one of my very first projects in Uni.  I thought the menswear market was moving onwards to something a bit more exciting than the usual grey suit.  The consumer was also more mature than the previously seen “metro-sexual”.  I then studied and surveyed men to find out what would be the best way to target them with a product.  The result was men’s bags through a hypothetical collaboration of Fred Perry and Pro-Box.

The project of the “manbag”, consisted of building your own bag, through guided choices via a website.  The options offered, were gadgets that were functional in a bag.  The bag itself was a gadget and a mate to the owner.  The design created of to be the owner’s mate, added that special personalised touch that they had created according to their own needs.

Anyway, it’s been about three years now since this project and as I was sitting in my course last Wednesday, our guest speaker Emily Cronin briefly showed us one of her articles on the bespoking trend,   Nike was one of the first to come up with the idea, but I was very glad to see that my hypothetical project was not too far off as a prediction. And this showed a bit of confirmation.

The amount of luxury companies that are offering the products to have a hint of bespoke (in some cases), is definitely eye catching.  From my perspective, I think it is a great idea as it is a selling point on many different levels.  The products will be custom to your choices and also a one off that will not end up being a high street copy as most runway collections become.

I don’t know how long this trend will last or how it may evolve, but it is also an amazing way of bringing the interaction levels between brands and customers along with sharing that interaction with peers via the social medias.  Just something to think about and observe.

Emily you were an absolute brilliant speaker and inspiring.  Thank you!

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