Herbie Hancock, Rockit

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This is simply amazing. Mad skills all around?



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At moments of restriction, fantasy alone can lift people above dreariness. Fantasy is a flower that does not flourish on passivity.

Elsa Schiaparelli

A Therapy by Prada

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The colours in this film look simply stunning! This could be the feminine competition for Tom Fords film, A Single Man.  Beautifully composed scenes through visuals make me melt.

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Daphne Guinness – Fashion Fetish

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Distressed elegance. Lovely.

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Elsa Schiaparelli

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Stubbled across this via 10magazine.

Can’t wait to get back to NYC next month and see the exhibition with Schiaparelli and Prada!


Berlin by Bicycle

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Please support my friends for this good cause.  Thanks!


Fashion & Beauty Tips By My Mum

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-Always have your hair and face done up even if you don’t feel as confident about your outfit. It’s the key in pulling off any look.
-Tuck in your shirt. It’s a clean look and helps you keep your waist.
-Just because it’s in fashion doesn’t mean it suits you. Dress with the style that suits you. You will always be fashionable that way.
-Wear tights, it helps keep your legs. It’s better to show legs. It’s feminine.

My mum always had key tips and her 80s n 90s looks were simply electric. She created my obsession.

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