The Eye Has To Travel

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Caught this documentary on Friday night. Absolutely brilliant! Such an inspiring icon.


A Therapy by Prada

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The colours in this film look simply stunning! This could be the feminine competition for Tom Fords film, A Single Man.  Beautifully composed scenes through visuals make me melt.

via Cannes

Daphne Guinness – Fashion Fetish

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Distressed elegance. Lovely.

Via showstudio

Hodejegerne (Headhunters)

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Men & Luxury can be dangerous.

A style influenced film with an intense plot.  Thumbs up on my end and for Danish actor Nikolaj Coster, he definitely gets 5 stars for being a hunk.

p.s. someone take me back to Norway.


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Tunes & Video, thursday night excitement.

Extraordinary Gentlemen

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Images coming to life via a play like film. Innocent.

We Are Rulers

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Best thing I have seen this week and in sometime actually.  Trip on it, but don’t fry it.

Comme des Garcons with Chris Johanson.


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