Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke, This

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Happy weekend!

I’m off to the Mexican Desert for the weekend.



New York

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Taken last summer in NYC



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Paris Menswear this week!

Denver Speaks a Unique Charm

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I never thought of much when I heard about Denver, Colorado other than skiing.  On a recent road trip there to visit my dad I found Denver to be rather charming.  Its defenitely more than skiing.  Every alleyway has something unique and cool about it.  Pianos surrounded the city.  Its calm and an essence of different scenes is defenitely in the air.  My friend took me to a hippie gathering near a bridge by the river on a Sunday and the vibe was soothing even though a fight broke out next to me.

Lower images are some things I found interesting and beautiful at the Denver Art Museum.

Skate Crave

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Its been a few months now that my Facebook status keeps repeating on me wanting to learn how to skate and my current fascination with skaters. I found skaters left and right on my visit to NYC.  Back in London after two weeks and a small boom of skaters seems to be rising in my neighbourhood.  New trend?

NYC Speaks Signs

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Oslo speaks Spanish

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Hard Bread



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