The Vogue Fest

04/27/2012 § Leave a comment

Gutted as I was not to be in London during the Vogue Fest, doesn’t take away the excitement of what the event portrayed. I would say that over the past year I have become infatuated with interviews of designers/creatives/entrepreneurs that stand behind some of the most successful brands. Personally, it satisfies my hunger in knowing the business better. The outcome of learning from such interviews, is the inspiration.

The fashion business is one of the most craved for by many people no matter the industry. We are all shoppers and a good 90% (I suggest anyway) of those shoppers are Vogue readers. The tangibility that Vogue has been producing via events like their Vogue’s fashion night out and now Vogue festival, not only brings their print to life, but generates business to many brands.

Print media has always been a business, but with the hype of digital media, print has become the business of the business or for the businesses.  It has been able to re-invent and innovate through the collaboration of other ends of the industry.  Print will always hold a special value for the print junkies, such as myself, but its now an era where the print has come to life.  It makes the dream world much more real that way and allows us to dream even bigger. Vogue you are limitless.


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