The Sartorialist: Lunch For 25

02/07/2012 § Leave a comment

As a little girl the beauty of womenswear fashion was what first took me to pursue a career in the Fashion Industry.  However, what has fuelled my passion for the industry in the past 4 years has been Menswear.  Like Scott Schuman mentions in the beginning of the film, I too grew up in a small town where fashion wasn’t and isn’t primarily a focus, but I dreamt of what I now express and call the cinematic and creative fashion bubble.

Menswear to me brings my passions together due to the unique amount of attention to detail that men use when dressing and when shopping.  Music, art, social, politics and everything that makes the world go round are taken into account for the functionality of what men wear and reflect in the current society.  Although women have the same exposure today, I believe the way a male can compose his attire in his day to day wear, reflects the personality of himself and his views of today’s issues.

Scott Schuman and the 25 men who are lunching are inspirational to me and I am sure to many others.

The look and sound of the film is brill!



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