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A couple of years ago, I decided to make my tattoo a reality.  Despite knowing I would be disowned by my mum, which nearly became a reality when I was brave enough to inform her.

At the time I was a menswear intern and one of the guys suggested where to get my ink done.  Since then, I came across Sang Bleu.  To be exact it was when I  was avoiding biting my nails as a nervous wreck thinking if it would hurt.  FYI, it didn’t.

I found this video a few days ago and I think he expresses exactly what I think about tattoos and the reason why I daily follow the blogs and tweets of his.  So much inspiration can come of a tattoo or topics that may have a fashion around them.  I admit not everyones tattoos are amazing and even I think, what were you thinking when you got that done?

Growing up, I always heard the “bad” connotations of tattoos, but I never agreed with them.  I found that some were simply a beauty in a way that was unexplainable.

Inspiration and an Art through self expression.


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