J Smith Esquire

09/17/2011 § Leave a comment

When someone wears a hat, it always seems to give that person a bit more of personality.  You can wear an edgy outfit, but if you add a hat, a different person arises.  I had the pleasure to attend the J Smith Esquire exhibition as part of London Fashion Week at The Royal HorseGuards Hotel last night.  I have been a fan of his work for about two years now, so at the sight of a free ticket to see it at first hand, I jumped on it.  Despite the fact I desperately wanted to stay in, but who can say no to those sort of things.

I think making clothes is an art, Menswear is a very special one, but the art of millinery is unique.  A mind can wonder off when making something of that sort.  As my colleague and I floated around the hotel admiring the work, we both thought, “where could you wear them?”  Its all so theatrical and playful once you see them on a person.  Maybe thats why I admire them even more, a small piece creates a whole other play.



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