Transperancy and Facebook

07/10/2011 § Leave a comment

I visited the RCA degree show last weekend and found a new light to the future of markets across various sectors.  The show itself was extremely overwhelming, on a degree were breaks were called for just to take in all the brilliant ideas and really understand their purpose and relevance to todays market.

The words that struck me the most according to markets and consumers were the following: digital, interaction, textiles, and the facility to use or apply ideas in an environmental way and in a simple , but modern design.

The digital realm has been one of the most talked about in fashion since the recession.  The amount of time a consumer spends using the internet either to research or to act on actions such as paying bills, shopping, bookings etc. has increased by a huge amount of time.   The world has really become at ones fingertips.  Another huge thing has been the push of having a brand or business on the web; if you’re not on the internet you do not exist.  To top that off, Facebook’s like application has helped boom advertisements and word of mouth spiral effect on the popularity of products and brands. Yes this has been a fantastic new relevance to some brands, but the big brother effect is often questioned.  Is your profile really private?

Many students at the degree show revolved their ideas around transparency and environmentally friendly products.  When there is a transparency of what a product is and what is really behind it a justification is provided to the consumer regarding price and value of which the product symbolizes.   The transparency also serves as honesty to the customer.

Honesty= Trust in a brand= loyal customers

Facebook also offers a unwillining transparency to businesses in order to understand them more and keep them connected via the consumer’s interest.  As uncomfortable as that sounds, from a different point of view, the more a brand can understand its consumers the better a brand is able to create products that will not be disposable and can have more of a personal meaning to that person.

Profiles may not be as private anymore, but they are an education tool for both consumers and businesses.


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