Barrio Beats and Blood

07/10/2011 § Leave a comment

Up until the age of 19 I grew up in a border town, El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  Since I was a little girl I spent time meeting up with family, meals, shopping, etc.  As I grew up, it was clubs, events, meeting up with friends.  The danger always existed for various reasons, the unforgetable Juarez Murders, police taking advantage of doing whatever, accidents, and shooting every now and then.  Yes it does sound dangerous, but at the time it was not what it is today.  Some of my best memories come from Juarez.

As I have been living in London, the times have gotten out of control and Juarez is no longer what it use to be.  It is now out of hand and one of the most dangerous cities.  My friend Magali (often refered to as other Mexican) brought this video to my attention.  It makes me very proud to see these guys bringing talent and awareness to something that is changing our country.   One of the guys mentions,” we have nothing to lose because we no longer have anything.”  Fear does exist, but the will to be heard and to make something of it is why I find these guys to be an inspiration.


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