The Power of Storytellers

06/01/2011 § 1 Comment


When interesting stories are told, people listen and continue to pass the message on.  In today’s age, we click an option that informs people we like something and it filters through a chain of friends and other friends who then later re-tweet the liked subject.

When we first hit recession, the key for luxury brands was to go back to its roots and bring out their story to the customer.  It was more of a justified explanation for the high costs of the products in a time when buying expensive items was more of an “investment”.   For many brands, this became a tool to survive while many other brands were sinking in their own words.

For those who did surpass the difficult time, we now see their popularity through the like button and the extensive list of fans they have accumulated.  Although many of these companies hire someone to take care of the social media accounts, this tactic has reduced the amount of paid advertisements and helped increase their popularity through various markets.  The power of a good story , like in families can be something which will be treasured and brought back to life generation after generation.





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